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More than 1.5 billion people suffer from chronic pain worldwide. In the US, about 100 million adults suffer with chronic pain - more than the number impacted by diabetes, heart disease, and cancer combined.

What's unfortunate for most is that their chronic pain could be relieved. They just don't know where to turn for help as they have not yet been properly educated on why their pain is even happening in the first place.

Many patients have been told there is no known direct preceding cause to their chronic pain. We see things differently and understand that chronic pain is often associated with a past traumatic injury or illness that was never properly addressed.

The key to eliminating chronic pain is to keenly identify what is causing the pain in the first place. How can you effectively treat something if you do not know where the problem is coming from? The Taylor Method is a proprietary technique that helps us determine the cause of your chronic pain.

If we cannot determine the cause of your pain, there is no charge for the examination, and we will do our best to point to a physician that would be better suited to help you.

If we discover the root cause of your pain, we will inform you of what exactly is causing the problem, what you need to do to get rid of it, how long it will take to get the results you desire and what are some options to choose on your journey back to pain-free living.

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You may want to try solving your problem on your own. If so, we will tell you what you need to do in your attempt to solve the problem. If you would like for us to help you eliminate the pain, we will give you treatment options from a simple adjustment to a Taylor Method session using our vast array of technology including Class IV Laser therapy, Robotic Laser Therapy,

Shockwave/Pressure wave technology, Neuromed technology, Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Technology, Winback Therapeutic Energy Massage, Decompression therapy, Galileo Mechanotherapy, Vibrasonic therapy and a host of other technology devices to produce rapid healing that defies medical logic.

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